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How much time and money does your company spend verifying employment information?

Let's be honest. Providing verifications of employment or income to every mortgage company, lender, or background screener that inquires on behalf of your employees is a productivity killer. Especially in large organizations. According to industry research, your Human Resources staff will spend up to 5% of their time manually providing verification information for employees.

VerifyX eliminates the interruptions to your business by replacing your traditional paper-based process with our secure online solution, saving your company time and money.

Instant Automated Verifications - Our Site or Yours?

The technology that drives, providing secure point and click access to employment and income data for employers across the country, can easily be integrated with your HRIS system or company website.

A secure online verification solution is valuable to both the company and the employee:

  • Secure, automated access to an employee's personal data reduces the risk of unauthorized disclosure associated with manual processing.
  • 24/7 availability of employment and income records eliminates the frustration of employees waiting on a busy HR department to manually process an important verification.
  • No more calls, faxes, callbacks, refaxing, and requests piling up; improved productivity, improved bottom line.

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