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How to provide proof of your income and employment

Applying for a new job or purchasing a new home or car can be a stressful time. A lot of information must be collected before any of those things can be yours, including verification of your employment or proof of your income. Waiting for this information to be collected manually only slows the process down. is the fastest, easiest and safest way to provide proof of your employment and income. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Only you can authorize release of your employment or income information.
  • Email notification when your employment or income information has been viewed.
  • No more waiting for manual verifications from Human Resources or Payroll.
  • Enjoy faster loan approvals, new job offers, or public assistance benefits.

How Does It Work?

To allow someone to obtain employment or income verification from your employer, give the requestor the following:

  • Name of your Employer or Employer Code
  • Your Social Security Number
  • This website:
  • A Pay Access Code* (if salary information is required)

*To create a Pay Access Code contact your employer or the support team at 800.775.2958 for a temporary password; then go to and click on "Employee Login" in the main menu.

You must create a separate unique Pay Access Code* for each person needing to verify your salary information.

If you are applying for public assistance, a Pay Access Code is not necessary. Direct your case worker to the Social Services link on the website for verification instructions.

Social Services

If you are applying for public assistance, simply direct your case worker to the Social Services link on this website for verification instructions.

If you are a social service or government agency looking to verify employment or income, Click here >